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Our mission is simple: Provide you with fresh, nutritious microgreens year-round, grown naturally without chemicals. We're here to enhance your meals with vibrant, flavorful veggies.


Urban Garden LLC began with Kelli Barager's love for health and good food. She saw the potential of microgreens to add a nutritious punch to meals and decided to grow them herself. Kelli is passionate about quality and freshness, so she takes care of each crop with a personal touch, ensuring they're grown naturally without any harmful stuff.

We want to make it easy for you to enjoy nutrient-packed greens whenever you want. Whether you're adding them to salads, sandwiches, or any dish, our microgreens bring a fresh, crunchy kick that's hard to beat. At Urban Garden LLC, we're all about making every meal tastier and healthier, one leaf at a time.

So, dive into our greens and taste the difference. From our garden straight to your plate, we promise you'll love the freshness and flavor in every bite. Welcome to Urban Garden LLC, where good food meets good health.


Hi, my name is Kelli Barager. I started growing microgreens through my passion for health and nutrition. I believe in giving people access to nutrient dense foods year-round, and I grow my greens without the use of chemicals or additives to ensure their freshness and always use new soil for each harvest. My goal is to give you the most nutritious and flavor-packed greens to compliment any of your dishes. Microgreens are the tender, young vegetables that have concentrated nutrients and don’t require any chopping. They’re delicious as a garnish for grilled meat and vegetable dishes, salads, and to add fresh crunch to sandwiches. I hope you enjoy my greens—they were grown with the utmost care and attention with you in mind to ensure quality, nutrition, and freshness in every package.

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